Sun. May 29th, 2022

In Our Planet Series, Keith Schooley took an inside look at how we have all failed to stop climate change. With the podcast’s first season complete, the pressure is on for the cast as they tackle one scene after another in what turns out to be an extremely timely and relevant listen. Our Planet is more than an environmental series – it’s an emotional, researched look at man’s relationship with the world and his place in it. The podcast makes its points and then delivers a punchline: when the show’s done, you’ll be able to look back and see what you did to help make this happen. It makes the entire concept of podcasting seem pointless and old-fashioned, but Our Planet makes it work.

Our Planet Series Review and Scenes Describe

One of the things that makes Our Planet so great is how it plays out. Episodes are broken up by short segments, often no more than thirty seconds, which allow the listener to build their own understanding of each character’s viewpoint and position in the natural world/climate change conversation. Most of the cast, which also includes guest stars, come from major environmental organizations, conservation groups, or scientific research facilities.

our planet series

They all share one goal: to bring forth solutions to climate change that realistically solve the problem while preserving the natural state of the planet’s ecosystems. It makes the podcast just as much a story about conservation as it is about climate change – with Schooley weaving his expert opinions and recommendations into his script with an uncanny ability to draw from real life examples to create compelling stories. The result is a unique and engaging podcast that leaves you eager for more.

Another great feature Our Planet Series has is how it tackles the crisis of climate change in a completely realistic way. Rather than presenting information about what is happening in scientific research, or the political and technological response to it, each episode looks closely at the natural world and what we can do to preserve it. For example, a look at the recent record setting heat waves in Australia illustrates the need to reduce carbon emissions, while a look at the potential consequences of unchecked climate change highlights the need to increase productivity and adapt to a changing climate. The final episodes of Our Planet Series look at what we can do as individuals and as a species to save the natural world. It makes for a very entertaining and informative podcast that you’ll likely listen to again.

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