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Killua Zoldyck Series Review

The Killua Zoldyck series is the first of a three-part assassination mystery. In the first book, the main character, Alluka, is introduced as an orphan, but as she grows up, she proves that she is more than just a child. The first volume introduces Kikyo, the family’s mysterious new member. While she may be a deadly assassin, she has many other traits that make her a great assassin.

Silva Zoldyck is the eldest son of Kikyo Zoldyck. He was first introduced to Killua as Gittarackur but is soon revealed as the family’s head hunter. Unlike his father, Silva is mostly expressionless, but his sarcastic personality is a sign of his overprotective nature. He has a reputation for being a manipulator and has a knack for controlling people.

The second child of Kikyo Zoldyck, Silva Zoldyck is the most sympathetic character in the series. He is a mischievous, quick-thinking character. Despite his confidence, Silva is easily embarrassed by compliments and spends 200 million Jenny on snacks while in Heavens Arena. The second child in the series is also similar to his older brother Gon. But unlike Gon, Silva Zoldyck is more prone to scheming.

Silva is an Underdog

Compared to Gon, Silva is an underdog, with an independent streak and a sexy personality. He’s cheeky and full of mischievous ideas. His ability to think quickly and to manipulate others makes him one of the most unlikable characters in the series. He often ends up embarrassed and humiliated, allowing him to spend 200 million Jenny on snacks while she’s at the Heaven’s Arena.

Silva’s father, Zeno, is an assassin, while the latter’s father is an assassin. His name alone causes fear among the underworld. The second oldest brother, Milluki, has a history of killing people and scheming. His skill at hacking computer systems is unmatched and his name has become synonymous with murder. While Killua’s family is a diverse bunch, she is the most interesting.

The Big Father Story

The series has two main characters: the eldest, Silva, and Alluka. Their father, Silva, is a mafia agent. Their mother, Kikyo, is an assassin from Meteor City. Their father, Silva, also disapproves of the friendship between Alluka and Gon. Both are devoted to helping Killua escape and are closely bonded.

As the second protagonist in the series, Killua’s father, Silva, is a wealthy merchant and a renowned master inventor. He has only left home twice, but her father, Silva, is a devoted friend, and the two brothers are close. Both have their own loyalties and are loyal to one another. Aside from his wit, his powers are unmatched. They are a pair of siblings who have a lot in common.

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