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In the Code Geass Series, Lelouch of the Rebellion is the main character. This manga series is based on the life and legend of the fictional character. The story follows Lelouch of the Rebellion, who is a former prince of the superpower Britannia, given the power of Geass by the evil genius C.C.

Lelouch LamperougeCode Geass Series

The Lelouch Lamperouge-code geass series is a fantasy manga created by Masashi Kishimoto. The series is based on popular anime, and the story follows Lelouch as he attempts to save Japan from tyranny. This comic is a great read for fans of science fiction, as it is an excellent introduction to the world of gaming.

Murder Case Suzako

Lelouch’s plan becomes increasingly warped when the emperor invades Japan. As the story progresses, he realizes that he cannot reach his pre-determined goal without the sacrifice of others. In addition, his plan is ruined when he is confronted by Suzaku, who approaches him from the other direction. In the end, he is forced to murder Suzaku, without his consent. His anger consumes his ideals, making him a murderer.

Lelouch is an exiled Brittanian student who has escaped his homeland. The emperor has left Japan to a foreign nation. He is not able to return home because of the war, but he has a desire to free the people of Japan. With the help of his newfound power, Lelouch is able to defeat the emperor and win his freedom.

Lamperouge-Zero-Geass Series

In the Lelouch Lamperouge-Zero-Geass Series, he is the most powerful person in the world. He can control the will of others and he has the power to command anyone. The emperor’s throne is the one who will be appointing him to be a protector. If you want to become a hero of the series, this manga is for you!

The first Code Geass series was published in 1995. The series was a hit with the Japanese audience and has since aired in over 50 countries. While this manga is a bit dark in some places, the series is a great experience for anyone who has read the manga. It is an incredible journey to find a new hero! And this is just the beginning of the Code Geass Series.

In the Code Geass series, the main protagonist is Lelouch vi Britannia. He is a Sagittarius and is the 98th Emperor of the Empire. He is calm and sophisticated and is very smart. But he is also arrogant, and he is a Prince of the Emperors. In the series, the prince is the hero of the first two volumes.

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